Application Procedures 



1.      Complete the Application Form   Internship Application


      2.      When we receive the Application form, we then begin arranging the Internship Placement.


3.      Once the Placement has been confirmed, we advise the details of the company to the Agency or if the Applicant is applying directly, to the Applicant.

         We will advise :     

Company Location

Company Contact Details

Managers Name


Start Date

Days per week

Hours of work

        Placements can take up to three weeks to arrange.


      4      The Applicant then is to Sign the Agreement and email to admin@homestay-london a copy of the Agreement.     Agreement


5.     The Applicant then has to confirm if they have Work experience Insurance from their School or University. If not then this Insurance is arranged by Homestay London and the invoice sent to the Agency or the Applicant f

        or payment. Applicants must have this Insurance cover otherwise they cannot begin their Internship.


6.     Homestay London then invoices the Agent or the Applicant directly for the Placement fee.


7.    At the completion of the Internship Homestay London will provide the Applicant with a reference for their Internship.










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Child Care












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