Teaching Internships as a Classroom Assistant.


Education Internships

Internships in Education are intended to provide qualified teachers, trainee teachers or students interested in Education who are from overseas, with the opportunity to acquire considerable knowledge of the English Education System.

The program has been established to accomplish four objectives: 

All applicants for Internship in Education are placed in Pre schools (Kindergarten) or Primary schools.

Applicants can be placed in classrooms on a rotation basis. E.g. junior classes for 1 week, senior classes for the following week.

Classroom duties would consist of :

        Classroom teacher support

        Small group classes project work

        Teaching specific disciplines e.g. reading, mathematics

        Lesson Planning

        School excursions (Sport, Science, Environment, Student Project Work)

        Library Assistant 

Education Internships provide individual or group applicants with a monitored or supervised work or service experience. (Internship)

 The Internship is suitable for : 


Our commitment is to provide applicants whom have intentional learning goals, to be placed in an British education environment which supports what they have an interest in, what they have learned through their academic studies and their own past experiences.

Education Internships can also arrange Orientation classes prior to the applicant beginning their Internship.

Why do an Internship ?


Internships overseas are highly valued for several reasons:

For all applicants there is no payment as this is Internship.  The hours per week would vary between ten to thirty, two to five days per week depending upon the requirements and circumstances of each applicant.

Applicants are placed with schools based upon their requirements and suitability. Factors assessed are :

Internships are invaluable learning experiences for all applicants. Principals are demanding that teachers who wish to upgrade their skills, have "real world" experience, and internships are one of the best ways for this to occur.


Education Internships is keen to work with applicants who wish to :

                 improve their standard of English both verbally and academically

                 learn new and different methods of teaching

                 practice their teaching skills in an International environment

For further information please email to:

If we believe we can assist you, we will advise you of our Procedures. We will advise you of our fee upon your application.

No payment is required until after an applicant has been placed.

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